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Saturday, September 3, 2016

An Opportunity to Be a Blessing!

This is my friend, Beth, with two pastor's wives she met in Haiti. Beth is a follower of Jesus. She is a woman who loves like Jesus loves. She is courageous, tender-hearted, funny, a gifted writer, and much more. She is someone I want to be like when I grow up!!

She became involved in a ministry in Haiti over the last couple of years called Disciples Village (formerly called Alex's House) which began as an orphange but has now expanded into a ministry that reaches into villages to not only care for orphans, but also to do those things that may help prevent the epidemic of fatherless and motherless children.

When Beth went to Haiti this past June and met with some of the pastor's wives associated with Disciples Village, she felt a burden from the Lord to do something to help them. She felt the Lord ask her to put together a Pastor's Wives Conference for them. 

Read about it in Beth's own words:

"As I listened to these women and began to get a glimpse of the lives they lead, I felt incredibly burdened. These dear pastor's wives are living in the ministry trenches with very little in the way of resources or support. They have no access to Bible studies, books, resources or networks designed to equip and encourage those in ministry. Yet they are ministry leaders in their churches, the called-on counselor for countless villagers, and the one others seek out for help with food, medical emergencies, housing needs and every crisis that occurs. All this while trying to scrape out an existence themselves and supporting the difficult work of their husbands.

Needless to say, I knew I needed to help these Sisters in Christ with the enormous calling they are trying to fulfill. My mama didn't raise me to look the other way. And the numerous women (like you!) who have poured into me, and joined arms with me, over the years taught me how to leverage what God has given for the good of others.

So, friend, in October (the 17th - 20th) I'm going back to Haiti to lead a conference for Ministry Wives! It's the first of it's kind for the Disciples' Village organization. I'm excited, and nervous, and 100% convinced I can't pull this off on my own. That's where you come in.

I need women who will help me in two very specific ways:
  1. I need prayer partners. This is an enormous undertaking and not one thing will come of it if it's not bathed in prayer. I'm begging for women who will pray for details from big to small, and in so doing be a part of ministering to Haitian ministry wives.
  2. I need women who will sponsor a Haitian Pastor's Wife. As a part of the conference we will offer a meal each day, give them the gift of a Bible (A coveted item! Many Pastor's Wives don't own their own copy of the Scriptures) and treat them to a small luxury like a bottle of lotion.
The cost of sponsoring a Haitian Pastor's Wife is $50 and will cover them for the entire four day conference. If a full sponsorship isn't possible for you, a partial sponsorship is just as appreciated!  And of course, the only cost to partnering with me and my team through prayer is your time."

As I have traveled abroad, I too have witnessed firsthand the difficulties pastor's wives encounter as they serve the Lord, meeting needs not only for their own family, but also the needs of the people in their villages and communities, many times sacrificially.

Would you be willing to help Beth by sponsoring one of these precious Pastor's Wives? We may never really know the full impact that an event like this may have on these women, their families, and ultimately the Kingdom of God.

I hope that you will at the very least (which in essence is the very most) commit to pray for this conference. If you would be willing to help out financially by sponsoring a Haitian Pastor's Wife (for $50 or even just paritially), you can do so by contacting me via private message on Facebook or in the comments below, and I will share Beth's address with you where you can send a check made out to Disciple's Village. Or you can donate through PayPal using her email address that I can also send to you.

God can take our "little" and make much of it. Pray for Beth and a few other ladies who will be going with her as they lead out in this Conference. I know they will be a blessing to them if we take this opportunity to be a blessing to them!

Thanks in advance for helping!!

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