I have discovered over the years, that life can be challenging. God desires to sustain us as we look for "splashes of His grace" every day. My desire is that through posts, or book reviews, you may find something that points you to the grace of God, and that He ultimately will make a difference in your life.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Pleasure of His Company by Dutch Sheets

From the Garden of Eden, man walked and talked with God. We as human beings were designed for relationship and fellowship with an Almighty God. In his book, The Pleasure of His Company, Dutch Sheets encourages his readers to seek and enjoy the Presence of God, through all their life's circumstances. Each and every day, God is there and wants them to enjoy His company.

The book has thirty short chapters which makes it ideal for a month long devotional book. Each stand alone chapter begins with an illustrative story that relates to the portion of Scripture the author uses to reveal a little more about the character of God. Each chapter ends with a "prayer" based on verses which are notated at the end of the prayer. I liked that a lot.

Overall it was an enjoyable book to read. The style is conversation-like, honest, and very casual, (at times, maybe a little "too casual" for me), but at the end of each chapter, I desired to be a little closer to the Lord. I saw God's grace, help, restoration, and His desire to be in my company too. It reminded me that God is not only a stern, disciplining Father, but one who loves unconditionally and mutually delights in being with us.  Our reward is the pleasure of His company!

I received a copy of this book from Bethany House publishers in exchange for my honest review.

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