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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Simple Secrets to a Happy Life

Luci Swindoll’s book, Simple Secrets to a Happy Life, is truly a delightful read. In the hectic and complicated day in which we live, it is refreshing to be reminded that true happiness can be found by doing simple things and enjoying everyday moments. This book transports the reader, in a sense, back to a simpler time. Luci Swindoll looks back and reflects on things her parents taught her, and things she learned through the years, and encourages her readers to put those things into practice.

The book is divided into five parts each containing ten, 2-3 page chapters:

                                   Part One: Beginning with the Basics
                                   Part Two: Developing Your Style
                                   Part Three: Achieving Balance
                                   Part Four: Living a Good Life
                                   Part Five: Staying Connected

The author's love of life, adventure, laughter, and people are evident in her writing. Though much of the book seems like common sense to me, a 51 year old woman, I wonder how much of our present generation knows and understands these things. We have been so indoctrinated with the concepts of “me first,” “accumulate much,” “instant gratification,” and “impersonal or surface connections with people,” that I fear we often miss out on those “simple things” that truly can bring a deep sense of joy and happiness. So if you need to be reminded to learn to organize your stuff, treat other people with kindness, value the things you have, allow yourself to be sad, engage people in fun conversation, thank others for their efforts, fight resentment before it festers, listen with your whole heart, or invite someone into your home, then you’ve only begun to discover some of the Simple Secrets to a Happy Life!

I received a complementary copy of this book through Booksneeze blogger program in exchange for an honest review.

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