I have discovered over the years, that life can be challenging. God desires to sustain us as we look for "splashes of His grace" every day. My desire is that through posts, or book reviews, you may find something that points you to the grace of God, and that He ultimately will make a difference in your life.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Rediscovering God in America by Newt Gingrich

Rediscovering God in America, by Newt Gingrich and featuring the photography of Callista Gingrich was an interesting look into the faith of our founding fathers. The book is a "walking tour" of thirteen buildings and memorials of our nation's capital. Each of these buildings, Mr. Gingrich points out, have references to God or quotes from the Bible, indicating the importance of faith in the founding of our Nation. In a day where every effort is being made to strip God and faith from America, it was refreshing to read quotes from George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams,and Abraham Lincoln, to name just a few, and see evidence of the role God played in our country's history. The amazing photography captured the spirit of America and was "proof" of the things described in words. The photos added to the overall appeal of the book.

Though I have visited Washington, D.C. in years past, and noticed many references to God as I visited the Memorials and Historic Buildings, this book renewed my desire to revisit these sites, with even more awareness of the implications of the role of God in the hearts of our founding fathers. The book was beautifully designed and small enough to pack in a tote bag and use as a guide book if you visit our Nation's Capitol.

After reading this book, one realizes how difficult it would be to erase the evidence of God without totally defacing these buildings which have become symbols of our nation and it's history. So, until you can take a walking tour of Washington, D.C. in person, enjoy the tour in word and picture through this wonderful little book.

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